Jon Christeson

Master Mechanic Jon Christeson established Fresh Bikes in 1993 to care for his buddies' bikes. Word of mouth about Jon's incredible attention to detail and quest for service perfection caused the business to explode! Now we apply these skills to more than a thousand bikes a year. Found out why hundreds of customers wouldn't let anyone else touch their bikes!

7 Reasons Fresh Bikes is Unique:

Ease. We come to you for the most personalized, convenient bike service you’ve ever had. Sure we have a little shop, but it’s a secret. Call us for a visit from our Mobile Workshop. It’s the only thing like it in the country.

Beauty. We wash and polish EVERY bike we service. You’ll be amazed how clean and beautiful we return your bike.

Empathy. We tune a bike as if we were about to ride it ourselves. We fix everything, everytime. No half-fixed, overlooked items.

Speed. We schedule service according to YOUR ride schedule and service 90% of our customers within 48 hours. You will not miss a ride because of us.

Breadth. We can fix anything. We are not a 1-trick shop. Road, mountain, old, new, any brand, type or era. 6,000 parts in stock and the rest just 24 hours away. Electronic Shifting? No Problem. Hydraulic brakes? We have all the service tools. 1964 Raleigh? We’re all over it. But we love strollers and kid’s bikes, too. Anything that gets you out and moving, moves us.

Love. We are not bike snobs. We share our passion with everyone from the newest riders to the oldest pros. We have the newest technology AND lovely old steel bikes. We just love bikes. We’ll love your bike, too.

Fit. Fit is the basis of speed and joy on a bike. We only charge $49 for a basic fit so that everyone can get right with their machine. Free with a custom build, always. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll love riding when you are comfortable on the bike.

It really is Bike Service, Reinvented!

Mark Henderson