Justin McDonald: Bridges International


Have a look at the video above…

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How would you feel if you transitioned to a foreign country where everything was a new experience and you had to be flexible while assimilating? Would you feel fear? Lost?

Our team here at Bridges International are difference makers. More than activists, we are solutionists. Fully intending to change the world, we are becoming the change that we hope for our lost world.

We assist foreign students in getting around our at times confusing city. We also help in buying seemingly simple things including groceries, as well as furniture. The cool thing is we are developing intimate relationships as we go. Oh, and along the way our new friends embrace God’s love and compassion expressed so attractively through what we affectionately call “The Gospel”.

The need has never been greater to reach foreign nations with the Gospel of Jesus, and we know that no lasting change is possible in the hearts of men and women, unless their hearts are change by the Spirit of God. We are eager to reach international students with the gospel because of how strategic it is to be a Godly influence on tomorrows world leaders. This is a privilege that few people are afforded, and we are grateful to the Lord for leading us to to Bridges International. Many of the students sent to study here in the US are children of politicians, businessmen and world leaders, and we want to see them won for Christ, built up in their faith and sent out to their homelands as ambassadors for Christ.

Mark Henderson