In the song “Here and Heaven”, I resonate with the line: “With a hammer and nails and a fear of failure, We are building a shed. Between here and Heaven …” Scripture reveals that my body is Almighty God’s Temple, and yet I feel more like a shed than a temple. Life’s been hard.

Why is it that often times those who identify as religious often approach others in a way that makes them feel less than equal. Indeed, some constituents of our community think that they are MORE EQUAL than others.

Having said that, I have a question.

Who are you?

How would you respond to that?

Young people today are frequently pushed away from Christianity and the Church because of hypocrisy. I now refer to religion as religiosity. Get it?

How does it make you feel when people talk AT you?

At restorationROCK we validate one another’s feelings. Most importantly we talk WITH one another, rather than AT.

Everyone is accepted here!

Why you ask? Your story matters. We are listening.

Sadly religiosity pushes away lost souls who might otherwise be attracted to the greater good intimate that is a one on one personal and intimate relationship with our creator!

In the beginning God” are the first four words that begin a cultural masterpiece, the Bible. Scripture reveals the future for [your name here]. The opening scene, however brief, records historically a time when man walked with God; a relationship vibrant, active, and participatory. For us, so much of our desire to worship God comes out of the place of being known. We are known by God for He is our creator. Intimacy means to be fully known. God already fully knows each and every one of us, and yet He is waiting for us to take a break from our busy lifestyles to begin to fully know Him.

Isn’t it true that all sorts of people are seeking their identity? Tattoos are popular as an endeavor to create outward expressions of identity.

The word Christian appears twice in the Bible. In ancient times, followers of Jesus Christ were known as “Those of The Way”.

Ask yourself, “What is truth?” It doesn’t take long walking around this world to see that those who are oblivious to Jesus’ WAY are paralyzed by fear at times. So there is one truth that no one can deny, and it is that we are eventually going to die. Jesus, the Son of God, declares that He is the way to ETERNAL LIFE.

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.
— John 15:13

I stand amazed at how many so-called Christians do not know the correct response to the most important question in their entire lives. I was an eight year old boy when my father took me along on an evangelism call to a married couple who visited our church, Trinity Lutheran, in Santa Ana back in 1965. My father asked, “If you die tonight and there you are facing God and He asks why He should allow you to enter heaven, what are you going to say?” Sadly I get the response too often that they are good people or they are doing good things. I’m sorry but that is a no go. The only way to experience eternal life is to repent of your sins. Sin is an archery term and when an archer casts an arrow at the mark and misses, he calls out the word sin. It simply means missing the mark. Only God is perfect so the rest of us need to tell Almighty God that we are truly deeply sorry for our behavior that separates us from relationship with Him.

Isn’t it obvious that we were purposed to worship? We observe people all over worshipping all kinds of things. The decision is not “to worship or not to worship,” but is more appropriately “what or whom shall we worship?”