Narrow Gate

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All of my life as a Man of God, I thought that the NARROW GATE spoken of in scriptures recorded in the Bible referred to the gate that opens to allow a minority to enter into Eternal Life (i.e. Heaven).

I am a contrarian. I am purposeful in doing or saying the opposite of observer’s or listener’s expectations in order to open their minds to refreshingly new perspectives. Jesus was a contrarian and this is the reason that so-called religious people crucified Him on the cross! Right?

Life was never about religion. Life is all about a very private and intimate relationship between Father God and [your name here]. Agreed?

In college I completed a course entitled “World Religion”. After this endeavor I was as confused as a woodpecker in a treeless forest. My family raised me in the Lutheran Church. My faith was forced upon me like so many others have endured. Honestly there have been many times when I questioned God’s existence. There is an all important question that causes me to doubt God as follows: “Why would a good God allow innocent people to suffer?” Each and every person here on planet earth must answer this question for themselves. Yes?

Only recently have I answered this question for myself. It’s personal for me though, and yet you must seek your own answers. God allowed sorrow and it’s cousin suffering to prune me like a vine branch must be pruned in order to enhance the harvest. Misery taught me compassion and empathy.

Few people who have read the Bible know that there exist seven hidden beatitudes (i.e. blessed) in the Bible’s Book of Revelation which is the sixty-sixth book. The seventh beatitude is as follows: “Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may ENTER BY THE GATES into the city.” — Revelation 22:14

The aforementioned scripture reveals that there exist more than one gate to enter into the city that is Heaven or Eternal Life! So I invite you to meditate on the Bible verse as follows: “For THE GATE is small and THE WAY is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” — Matthew 7:14

Ask yourself, “What is the Gate referred to in this aforementioned scripture?”

To answer this question reflect on the scripture as follows: “I am the door [gate]; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.” — John 10:9

Here is my take away. The narrow gate is intimate relationship with Jesus! I entered this gate figuratively and Spiritually through ultimate humility when I chose to receive the Spirit of God (i.e. Holy Spirit) and sacrifice my will so that all that I am is in complete submission to His will for my life. The word Lord is a title. When I call Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Lord; this communicates that I am Jesus servant.

Those who know me, hear me say that love is NOT what I do, love is WHO I am. Jesus is Love and perfect love casts out all fear. Please join me in treating all people of planet earth with Dignity, Respect, and Self-Worth as we choose to enter each and every conversation with an open mind! Agreed?

Lastly, should you disagree we can still be friends by merely agreeing to disagree because everyone has a right to how they feel and what they believe. Right?

Mark Henderson